Montmorency visit

imageOn the 5/8/15 we visited Montmorency Secondary College to learn about leadership. We went into coloured groups I was in Dark Green group, we did lots of strategy and teamwork games, my favourite game was where you have a straw and on one side there is a bowl of MnMs and on the other there is an empty bowl and you need to bring the MnMs in one bowl to the empty bowl without dropping it, my team beat the record. We got 45 MnMs across. The leadership skill we learnt by doing that was communication because we thought of strategies to get them across and we encouraged our teammates.We did lots of different activities. At snack and lunch we played basketball with the Montmorency kids, it was fun.


What was your favourite game?

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  1. nicsto15 says:

    Dear Jason
    My favourite game was the aardvark challenge because it was hard and it was also something different
    From Nick

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