I am → I’m →I’m older than you.

I had →I’d → I’d better do my homework.

I have → I’ve → I’ve always liked soccer.

I will → I’ll → I’ll tell you later.

They are → They’re → They’re going to win

They have → They’ve → They’ve asked me before.

They will → They’ll → They’ll meet us there.




For the past few weeks at school we have been learning about procedural text, for a couple of weeks we have been writing our own procedure about whatever we wanted to, I did mine on how to juggle a soccer ball.


What did you do your on and why? 

Writing prompt 5 kind of animals we want to save


1. A dog, I would save a dog because we can play with them and they keep us company.

2. A cow, I would save a cow because they give us milk and without milk we wouldn’t have chocolate, cakes and hot chocolates. We also need food from them.

3. A fish, I would save a fish because I love to eat fish like Samon and snapper. And the ocean would be empty with nothing living in it.

4. A sheep, I would save a sheep because we need there wool for our clothes. We also need it for our beds, pillows and carpet.

5. A cheater, I would save a cheater because they are thee fastest animal in the world. They would also keep us from danger.


What animal would you save?