This is a page where I will write weekly reflections on what my group has been doing.


Week 1 reflection


This week we had a challenge to reduce our impact on the environment, we got into groups, my group was Ben Deakin and I. We had to get three solutions ours were. 1. Recycling shoes to Nike 2. Walk or ride to school day 3. A school compost bin. Our final choice that we decided on was the first one, recycling shoes to Nike.

Next week I would like to achieve our steps and get a reply from Nike to see if  they will take our shoes.


Week 2 reflection

This week we got a email from Nike and they said that they would take our shoes. We gave Nike another email to see if they would give us prizes for our competition but they weren’t aloud. We finished our steps and description and made certificates for the top 3 shoe collectors.

By next week I want to have had our keynote approved.

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