Rhyming poem




I put on my kit,
I am getting very fit.
I grabbed a cookie out of the jar
I hopped in the car.
I started the game
I always get the blame.
It’s three two our way
I’m having a pretty good day.
The game is all done
I had a lot of fun.
I came back home
and had an ice cream cone.
I love soccer,
as I drank my hot mocha.



image Today we looked at our shadows this is my shadow, it’s in the morning.

image In the afternoon the sun was behind the clouds so we had no shadow.

imageAs you can see our shadow is not there.imageThe sun came out and as you can ses our shadows completely changed.

Today I learnt that shadows become big and small depends on where the sun is.




A haiku poem is a poem that works with syllables. There are three lines and the first one is five syllables, the second is seven and third is five. The haiku poem was made in Japan and it doesn’t have to rhyme.


There are lots of stars

We live on the planet earth

The world spins around




Today at school we played inter school sports I played soccer the scores at the end were 4-0 our way, we scored 1 goal on the first half and on the second we scored 3.


For the past few weeks at school we have been learning about procedural text, for a couple of weeks we have been writing our own procedure about whatever we wanted to, I did mine on how to juggle a soccer ball.


What did you do your on and why? 

Montmorency visit

imageOn the 5/8/15 we visited Montmorency Secondary College to learn about leadership. We went into coloured groups I was in Dark Green group, we did lots of strategy and teamwork games, my favourite game was where you have a straw and on one side there is a bowl of MnMs and on the other there is an empty bowl and you need to bring the MnMs in one bowl to the empty bowl without dropping it, my team beat the record. We got 45 MnMs across. The leadership skill we learnt by doing that was communication because we thought of strategies to get them across and we encouraged our teammates.We did lots of different activities. At snack and lunch we played basketball with the Montmorency kids, it was fun.


What was your favourite game?

Writing prompt 5 kind of animals we want to save




1. A dog, I would save a dog because we can play with them and they keep us company.

2. A cow, I would save a cow because they give us milk and without milk we wouldn’t have chocolate, cakes and hot chocolates. We also need food from them.

3. A fish, I would save a fish because I love to eat fish like Samon and snapper. And the ocean would be empty with nothing living in it.

4. A sheep, I would save a sheep because we need there wool for our clothes. We also need it for our beds, pillows and carpet.

5. A cheater, I would save a cheater because they are thee fastest animal in the world. They would also keep us from danger.


What animal would you save?