My Moon Diary



This is my moon diary for November. The eight moon phases are: New, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning crescent, third quarter and waning gibbous.

A pattern that I found was that the moon got smaller than larger.

image In this photo we talked about electricity and static electricity. In the photo we are making electrical circuits with a battery, wires and a light globe.image In this photo we put on space suits.

image In this photo we are in the theatre watching a video of going to Mars on a space ship.image In this photo we are in a Mars lab where we do an activity.image This is the activity Nick and I did, we had to look at the soil and see if it had moisture and other stuff like if we could grow stuff in the soil.image In this photo we are talking to the people it the lab and ask them questions.


What was your favourite activity and why?


image Today we looked at our shadows this is my shadow, it’s in the morning.

image In the afternoon the sun was behind the clouds so we had no shadow.

imageAs you can see our shadow is not there.imageThe sun came out and as you can ses our shadows completely changed.

Today I learnt that shadows become big and small depends on where the sun is.